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Introduction:            ( 1) Electrochemical corrosion       The corrosion caused by the action of metal in contact with electrolyte solutions such as acid, alkali and salt is called electrochemical corrosion. It is characterized by the current generated during the corrosion process, and the corrosion products are not covered on the surface of the special-shaped tube as anode, but at a certain distance from the anode metal.      ( 2) Intergranular corrosion       This kind of corrosion is carried out along the grain edge inside the pipe, which usually does not cause any change in the shape of the metal
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Chemical properties of special shaped pipes

  • Chemical properties of special shaped pipes
  • Improving the thickness fluctuation of profiled steel pipe
  • Hexagonal steel pipe is convenient for welding operation
  • Cutting of special shaped pipe material
  • Surface activation of profiled pipe is not enough
  • Manual coating method for elliptical pipe
  • The special-shaped steel pipe has a great affinity
  • Metal shape of hexagonal steel pipe
  • Welding arc length of special shaped pipe
  • Elliptical tube improves thickness fluctuation
  • The microstructure of special-shaped steel pipe can not be recovered after over burning
  • Cracking is formed during quenching of special-shaped steel pipe
  • Corrosion occurred on the surface of hexagonal steel pipe
  • Flow field of special shaped tube mold
  • Lubrication condition of elliptical tube
  • Quality assurance of Hui'an profiled steel pipe plant
  • Project scope of Danling hexagonal steel pipe
  • The probability of elliptical tube surface defects is high
  • Index of Ma'anshan profiled steel pipe plant
  • Hetian special shaped steel pipe resources
  • Quality assurance of Dongshan profiled steel pipe plant
  • Reducing weld strength and toughness of hexagonal steel pipe
  • Inspection method of Anshun special shaped steel pipe
  • Total quality management of dofu oval tube
  • Scope of special shaped steel pipe project in Cuiping District
  • Application process of special shaped steel pipe plant in Licheng District
  • The fluctuation direction of hexagonal steel pipe Market
  • Analysis of Putian profiled steel pipe plant
  • Product range of Shaxian profiled steel pipe factory
  • Hexagonal steel tube futures complete convergence
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