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    Jinxuan special-shaped steel pipe factory is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of special-shaped pipe, special-shaped steel pipe, seamless square pipe, elliptical steel pipe, special-shaped seamless steel pipe, special-shaped stainless steel pipe, rectangular pipe, hexagonal pipe, octagonal pipe, flat ellipsoid pipe, large-diameter thick wall rectangular pipe, seamless rectangular tube, square rectangular pipe, fan-shaped pipe, D-shaped pipe, etc × eight hundred × There is a 30mm large cold-formed hollow section steel production line and a 1600mm longitudinal shear production line. Among them, F200 adopts the most advanced direct square and moment technology in the world, and can produce 30 square tubes × 30mm-800 × 800mm; Rectangular tube 20 × 40-800 × 1200mm; The wall thickness is 1.7-30mm, and the annual output is 400000 tons. Various special-shaped pipes, non-standard square rectangular pipes, hexagonal steel pipes, octagonal steel pipes, elliptical steel pipes and conical steel pipes can be customized for customers. The products are widely used in steel structure, mechanical manufacturing, construction engineering, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power and many other industries.
    Jinxuan special-shaped steel pipe plant has accumulated rich experience in steel pipe production process and detection method, and has established a set of perfect quality assurance system. We have a complete set of inspection and testing means such as mechanical property test, process performance test, metallographic analysis, element analysis, eddy current flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, hydraulic pressure inspection and a number of high-quality quality quality inspection teams. The products have been tested by the national and Jiangsu product quality testing center for many times, and all the indexes are in line with the national standards, and the product quality is reliable and the performance is stable.
    Jinxuan special-shaped steel pipe factory also operates: Chengdu, Baosteel, Yegang, Baotou Steel, Henggang, Angang, Liaocheng and other steel plants produce various thick, thin-walled, large and small caliber structural pipes, fluid pipes, medium and low-pressure boiler pipes, high-pressure pipes, fertilizer special pipes, petroleum cracking pipes, electric power pipes and some alloy pipes. The materials of the common resources are: 20, 45, 16Mn, 27SiMn, 12Cr1MoV, etc 15CrMo, Cr9Mo A335P91 a335p11 A335P22 a335p5 sa-213t22 sa-213t91 sa-213t22 10CrMo910, etc. The Executive Standards are: structural tube gb8162-1999, fluid tube GB8163-1999, low and medium pressure boiler tube GB3087-1999, high pressure boiler tube GB5310-1995, chemical fertilizer special pipe GB6479-2000, petroleum cracking pipe gb9948-88. The company with excellent products, first-class service, reasonable price service [more]
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